Sunday, October 11, 2009

16 more days....

Thirteen down Sixteen more to go till Charles arrives back home from the states.

Aleia, Brienna and I have been going along with our normal routine of life. Today was church and we had a wonderful service. Pastor Suppan preached on reaching the lost and he had each person stand that had been invited by someone in the church. Then he had each of them stand by the person who invited them and it almost consist of the whole church. It really was an amazing reality of how personal evangelism is the key to getting your friends, family and even strangers to come to church.

After service, I had promised the girls I would take them to McDonalds. Europe has the best McDonalds, you really would never catch me at a McDonalds in America other then maybe for their sausage, egg and cheese bisquit or for a LARGE sweet ice tea. Both girls were thrilled. I asked Brienna if she wanted Chicken nuggets and it was so cute she shook her head yes.

Now we're home, Aleia is playing with her horses and Brienna is napping. It's cold outside, I'm wrapped in a blanket and debating whether to do dishes, laundry or just snuggle up and pretend I have no responsibilities.

Aleia coloring a picture during church


Karen said...

With the hubby away and kids who don't care about housework... I say shirk those responsibilities, girl! It's Sunday!

Stacey said...

That's what I'm talking about....I took your advice and it's been a great day. The dishes and laundry will be there in the morning.

Pastor said...

Now, now girls; lets not get carried away. We say Iron sharpens iron but you two would be a destructive force together. Love my clean house and that pretty thing that cleans the house!Love you.