Monday, October 12, 2009

15 more days....

More days to go then he's actually been gone. Counting down the days till we've got the man of the house finally home.

Before bed conversation with Aleia....and here is how it goes:

Me: Aleia where's your Sunday school paper
Aleia: I don't know Mama, I thought you know-d where it is
Me: No you were the one that brought it home
Aleia: Oh yeah! Brie Brie had it
Me: Oh yeah! always blame it on T-REX

So we finally find it and here how the rest of the story goes:
Me: Ok repeat after me
Aleia: Ok repeat after me
Me: UGH! Aleia not every word just your scripture, honey ok
Me: If any man be in Christ, he is a new creature
Aleia: a new preacher
Me: No Aleia a Creature
Me: hahahahahahhehehehehe oh my word Aleia you are so funny
Aleia: Why would Christ make men into Creatures
Me: Um well, yeah I think this scripture is a little to much for you, why don't we wait till Daddy gets home, lets just focus on "Children obey your parents for this is right"
Aleia: Yeah, Mom your cool

So this is how many of our conversations have been going as of late. Just before I turned her light out, I said honey when the Bible says a new creature it means a new person.....she says "well Mom then why doesn't it just say person". Aleia is our little thinker, full of personality and has one huge imagination.

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