Monday, October 19, 2009

It's been 2 years...

In so many ways it feels like I can't even remember my life before arriving to Vienna. Some how the church, our home, my girls, the city, the people, Vienna it's self has taken over me. Although as I think about today being the anniversary of when we first step foot onto the soil of Vienna I can say we still have so much learn.

Living and adjusting to a new place not to mention a Foreign country brings new challenges each day that we must over come, look past and be inspired to learn from.

As with each transition we have faced in our marriage and ministry I find myself feeling vulnerable and in a infant state of many things as I try to learn the language of each country we are in, learn how the people think, grocery shop, driving, adjusting to cultural difference, adapting to the newness, having patients when I make mistakes, swallowing my pride, finding my way around and being confident in the environment I'm in at the present time.

I can say although it seems when I look back I can hardly remember my life before this, I can also say the time has passed by like a face fret train. So many great things have happened in the two years we've been missionaries to Austria, we are happy this is our home, we look forward by the grace of God that we have many more years in this great country, reaching the wonderful people of Vienna and knowing that we will continually be learning, growing from mistakes and adjusting to a culture we were not born in.

A little over view of the past 2 years:
1. Lived in a 1 bedroom 650 sq.meter apartment for 3 months
2. Bought a kia van
3. Charles went to German class for 3 months 6 hours a day
4. Moved into our beautiful home
5. Dad came to help us unpack and get our home together
6. Got stuck in Egypt
7. Suppans came to Vienna
8. Have had 4 assistant missionaries
9. Started 2 daughter works
10. Had a baby (Brienna Grace)
11. Remolded the church
12. Double in the church
13. Lost a precious saint in the church
14. Dedicated 9 babies in 2 years
15. A beautiful couple were married in the church
16. The Dadzie family were blessed with Oliver
17. Moved my Mom to AR
18. Celebrated 15 years of marriage
19. Two great friends came to visit us (Kim and Heather)
20. Aleia started pre-school
21. Brienna turned 1

Looking forward to another wonderful year of making great memories, training women and men, reaching Austria and finding balance in becoming the women I need to be for the Lord, my family and for the church.

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