Friday, October 16, 2009

MHR's Friday

It's not midnight yet on this side of the world so I've still got some time to post about how amazing my husband is.

Tonight I had an emergency, well actually it was a terrible day, one thing after another seemed to be happening.

Aleia didn't have pre-school today so I planned the day to be a down day for us other then getting ready and going to church....our Bible study night is on Friday night.

Not to get into everything that occurred today and only stay on the emergency part of the day, Aleia, Brienna and I decided to take a nap, well about 20 minutes into the nap, Brienna screams out this terrible cry, the one that any Mother would drop what they are doing to check. I picked her up immediately and there were two bee's in her crib. Each one stung her, one on the hand and one on her little chubby thigh. I couldn't tell at first if one had stung her in the mouth or the hand until I noticed her hand turned completely blue and ice cold.

As many of you would be, Stressed! What do I do, who do I call, why is Charles not here, is she allergic, will she react to the sting and how, where are these stupid bee's coming in at, gotta get dressed.....all these things rushed into my mind.

My heart went out for both of my girls, Brienna was in such pain and Aleia acted so grown up but you could tell she was very nervous, she got herself completely dressed and said "mama, I look pretty and I'm here to do whatever you need me to do", I was so stressed I told her "I just need you to go to your room" and now looking back on my reaction, tears flood my eyes because I know how worried she must have felt and how proud she also felt to have gotten herself all dressed up to help me. I love that kid, she has such a compassionate heart.

Called our church secretary and she called the hospital and a saint in our church who is a bee keeper. They are saying that the 21st district is infested with these certain wasp. So ok the district is infested but where in the world are they coming in at......I still don't know, I've plug every hole I can find in our room with toilet paper and tomorrow I have to call our land lord to see if he is able to fix the problem.

As of now the girls and I are camped out in the guest room and all the doors to the upstairs are closed. I just told Aleia we're making great memories that we can tell Daddy all about when he gets home. She wasn't sure about all of it and just said Mama ur so crazy!

I was finally able to reach Charles today, I told him about our ordeal and he was able to calm me down and helped me think more rationally about killing over 40 bee's in our room over the last few days. He gave me a step by step plan to follow. That is what I love about him so much is that he can always come up with a strategic plan to solve just about everything. When I over react about Brienna almost chocking on a hair bow, or when I find her on the counter top ready to put her hand in the toaster or when I can't find her at all and when I do, she is behind the curtain on the window ledge, or when she's just been stung by 2 bee's....Charles always seems to calm me down and helps me to think more clearly. You rock honey and I thank you for always having a plan.

......Brienna thankfully did not have a reaction to the bee stings, her finger and thigh are a bit red but no swelling. She cried for a little while but after about 30 minutes she was back to making messes and fighting with her sister. She really is a trooper, better known as T-REX, our little Rexie.

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