Thursday, October 15, 2009

No more counting

For the past two days I've decided not to do the whole count down in my mind for when Charles finally arrives. Of course Aleia is still taking one loop off the chain she made for her count down, but I found the days lasting a little bit longer as I waited for the next day to be just one more day closer to when Charles would arrive back from America. If I don't know what day it is, it seems to go by a little day just runs into the next. For a Mothers job is never done!

I've stayed pretty busy actually, not much changes with our routine when Charles is gone or here. He travels often and we try to keep consistency with bed time, eating, errands, school, church and play time, to insure that the girls learn how to go with the flow with having a Daddy who is so high in demand.

I can tell that at this point in time, they are both very anxious for his arrival. I am so thankful for Skype, it has helped Brie Brie stay connected with Charles. He called on Skype yesterday and he taught her how to blow kisses, (now she blows kisses to everyone). Aleia was able to show him the picture she painted in school today and that brightened up his day.

Just a few things that have happened since he's been gone:
1. Was without a vehicle for 2 weeks-in the shop (took public)
2. Got the vehicle back (just in time for cold weather)
3. Brienna has a bad diaper rash
4. Killed 14 bee's in my room in one day
5. Drove to the post office to get a certified letter for Charles and they wouldn't give it to me
6. Friday it was 85 and today it snowed
7. Had lunch with a Natasha (a wonderful lady I met at Aleia's kindergarten)
8. Had a pedicure
9. Have not slept well since he's been gone
10. Found Brienna on the counter top in the kitchen
11. The fish have gotten bigger and oscar has turned a little more red
12. My internet was done for one whole day
13. Started drinking tons of water
14. Carried a heavy load from the church, while he's gone
15. Really have bonded with Aleia (we're best buds)
16. Took the girls to the library
17. Haven't cooked at ALL
18. Changed 7 poo poo diapers today
19. Had the young ladies over my house for Bible study and a sleep over
20. Missed Charles a lot


Pastor said...

LOVE YOU THREE SO MUCH AND I AM DYING OVER HERE WITHOUT YOU! Bought dolphin barbie today, leapfrog game, cool tights and a new black cat who can be mittens. Got lots of hugs, kisses and wrestling stored up for REXY.

Stacey said...

We love you and miss you.....can't wait for you to get home.

Hugs and Kisses from all your girls.

Kendra Lynn said...

awww...which Leapster game did you get, Charles? I"m going out to buy one for her to send next week.
Love you guys!!!!


Pastor said...

I got the princess leapster game with the murmaid on the front.

Kendra Lynn said...

Okay...I'll get her a different one then...thanks for letting me know. :) Love you guys!