Saturday, October 17, 2009


The bee's and spiders have taken over our home. Not sure what it is about my house but since it got cold every little crawly thing has seemed to have found a place to hide in our home. In total since Wednesday I have killed over 60 wasp in the upstairs of our home. I plugged every hole in our room only to find the next morning that the bee's found a way into Aleia's room.

I feel like a prisoner in my own home.....every corner I turn I'm sure to have a can of spray and a swatter in my hand to defend myself from the creepy crawlers that have invaded my home. Are any of you itching yet???

Finally Aleia, Brienna and I took a trip to the store and bought 2 of the largest cans of spray we could find. It was all in German but a wasp looks like a wasp on any can, American or German. I got home and sprayed the whole upstairs and now every little crawling thing is making it's way out of their hole and I'm finding dead spiders and bee's every where. I should have gotten that spray a long time ago.

The girls and I are still camping out in the guest room for the night, the smell of that spray is to strong for us to be up there sleeping. Allie and Brie are finding it pretty fun for all of us to be in one room. Actually Brienna slept better then she has in a long time. It's been my goal to not nurse her anymore, hopefully by the time Charles is home we'll be done. I have to go to Germany with him for 2 nights for board meetings and I'm not able to take her with me.

Charles will be home in 9 days. Aleia's bed time prayer tonight was that the Lord would keep her Daddy safe so that he could bring her a baby kitten named mittens home with him......the simple little prayers of children. I said don't you want to pray that you and sister sleep good tonight and that you obey Mama tomorrow, she said "No I just want a kitten".

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