Saturday, October 10, 2009

17 more days...

Yesterday Aleia asked for her daddy about 20 times, she said "when is daddy coming home"? and I said I'm not sure why don't we go count and see how many more days we have.

So from today we've started a count down so that she can try to rationalize in her little mind that he is coming home.

17 more days.....the trick is that Daddy is bringing tons of surprises home so to her she says' She'll be fine for 17 more days.

Her list for Daddy:

1. Dive Barbie
2. Dolphin Barbie
3. Leap Frog game
4. Cool Boots
5. Cool Tights

If Brienna was old enough and had an understanding that Daddy always brings cool surprises home she'd have a list too, but I'm sure her list for now would consist of:

1. Tons of Kisses
2. Lots of Hugs
3 1 full hour of WRESTLE time


The Brown's said...

so sweet. I can only imagine how long this seems for little people. Probably feels like forever. Okay so I have an idea... try making a paper chain. You know the kind you made in elementary school for decorating for Christmas? Strips of paper stapled together and they can rip one off each day. Maybe it will keep them busy for a while!? Hang in there:)

Stacey said...

Such an awesome idea...thanks girl!

You are great! and I can tell you've done this a time or two:-)

Kendra Lynn said...

Hey you! Do you need games for the Leap Pad or the Leapster? Let me know...
Love you.

Karen said...

Aww, poor baby. I think Livvie would shrivel up and die if she couldn't see her Daddy for 17 days! (Or maybe her mama would...) Love the chain idea; make sure you put up a photo!

I think Ellia and your Brienna would be great friends. Ellia LOVES to wrestle Nate! What IS it about that age???