Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Our little Diva

Brienna has started to love little purses, big bows, sun glasses and Mama's high heel shoes, she is proving to be a little diva. She has been saying so many words such as (sit, shoes, thank you, what cha doin, Aleia, Mama, Daddy and Hi).

She loves to eat, drink anything and finds pleasure in wrestling with her Daddy and sister any chance she gets, of course she won't try to wrestle with me, she just gives me great big hugs and pats me on the back as if she knows I'm a fragile being:-)

Brienna loves taking baths, and is most happy being bare footed and at home making messes.

She never has her paci out of site and as of right now she still is not sleeping through the night, ugh!!!! Brie has 13 teeth and loves to give big smiles and waves to everyone she see's. She is such a delight to watch as she learns something new everyday.


The Brown's said...

what a cute little thing!!! I LOVE that she is all girl:) I feel your pain my friend at not sleeping through the night. We have only done it a few times ourselves. I just read a book called healthy sleep habits happy child and so we are now sleep training UHG... last night she cried for 45 min. Woke up a 5:30 cried for 10 min. then slept until 8:15! It was my best day:)Hang in there!

Kendra Lynn said...

She's a dollface...and I LOVE the paci. I cried when I had to take Merry's away from her. They are so sweet as babies, aren't they? Hug and kiss them both for me.