Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Heather and Brianna's visit

The minute Heather and Brianna landed we were off to tour them around and enjoy all the things Vienna and Croatia have to offer. Hope you enjoy some of the pictures of their trip here.

We went to museums, cafe's, a palace, horse show, the market, an opera, concentration camp, shopping and traveled to Croatia to tour them around a castle from the 14oo's. I told them they have seen more of these two countries in one week then I had seen in the 2 years that I've been here.

It was nice to learn a little of the history and it got us out of our box of doing we've decided that every other Tuesday we will do something new to learn more about Vienna and the countries around us. You just end up taking your surroundings for granted. It is the same as being in the states, most people never know anything about the state they live in or what there is to offer. I always wondered why people would come on vacation to Michigan when we always left Michigan to go on vacation, now that I'm older and have an appreciation of it all, I now see how much there really is to do in the great lake state:-)

We enjoyed them being here and are so thankful they took the time to come this far to visit with us. Aleia cried the day we had to take Auntie Der to the airport, she is really has started to understand that when people come from the states they don't stay but they have to go back to their own home, it's not easy on a 4 year old to understand why people come and go so often.

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Kendra Lynn said...

Aww...sounds like you guys had a blast. So wish I could have come, too!
Maybe next year...:)
Lots of love to you all.