Saturday, September 12, 2009

Peek a "BOO"

Our Little Boo Bear loves to play peek a boo in any place she can find possible. Even if it finds her in places she isn't able to find her way out of. Brienna loves to go under the dinning room table and hide, play peek a boo or have us chase her under there. There are even times when she is in trouble and thinks by hiding under the table is some how going to pro long her punishment.

In the last two weeks she has become more stable on her little feet. She finally follows her sister around by walking and not crawling. It has made it easier not to have her on my hip at all times but it's caused me a lot more work at church since she is able just to walk off, I have to always make sure someone has her so she doesn't make her way out of the main door.

While she is walking she acts like she knows exactly where she is going and NO ONE is going to stop her, she already sets her mind toward the prize and goes full steam after it.


The Brown's said...

good luck with that!!! I love to see tham walking it is so cute but the trouble they find is overwhelming:)

Stacey said...

Tell me about it. She is into everything and the hardest thing is that she wants everything Aleia has and to do everything she does too.

Kendra Lynn said...

Aww. I cannot believe she is already that big! Her Aunt Kenna is missing her first steps and everything. :( I'm glad you are blogging so at least I can keep up to date here. :)

Love you lots.

Sherri said...

Hey Stacey! Finally got to your blog! Aliea has gotten so big! Brienna is adorable! We miss you guys. It has been too long. Shelby was born on Sunday. She is 4 days old today. She is precious. David II is 13 now and Shayla is 8, they are loving their baby sister.