Thursday, July 30, 2009

Eating Right

My Birthday is Sunday the 2nd and my 15 year Anniversary is the 27th so I figure it's time to get the cucumbers, tomatoes, fat free cheese and 8 glasses of water out in order to shed the 10 pounds I'm still carrying from the birth of T-REX.

I ate right yesterday and I'm doing pretty good today, just gotta fit in the exercise thing and I'll be doing just fine.

Random thoughts of the day:
1. Love my husband and kids
2. Hope my Sister is happy today
3. Think Brie-Brie will walk in a few days
4. Craving sweet tea
5. Loved Prayer last night


Kendra Lynn said...

I need to eat right, too...sigh...its so hard!

Random thoughts:

1. I'm drinking sweet tea and thinking of YOU.
2. I hope both of our sisters are happy today.
3. I love my family.
4. I love my friends...that includes YOU! Happy Early Birthday, friend!

Karen said...

YOU need to lose 10 pounds?? My goodness, you look fantastic, Stacey! But kudos to you for making healthy choices. Wish I could hug you on your birthday... any special plans?

Stacey said...

So sad my husband won't be home for my Birthday but I'm sure he has something planned to make up for his absence, he is so thoughtful that way.

AND YES I have to shed 10 pounds, I have a whole wardrobe I can't wear at this point.....but thank you so much.