Friday, July 24, 2009


Yesterday was the hottest day we've had yet this Summer. My husband rocks because he took the time to get our yard looking very nice, it no longer looks like a jungle but like a nice place for the girls to play and for us to relax in.

It was so funny, the day before he worked in the yard I told him I was afraid to go out there worried of what wild animals had made our yard there new home. As he was cleaning out a bush a little tiny hedge hog poked it's head out....Aleia thought it was her new little pet and began to cry the biggest tears you've ever seen when it ran off.

She spent the rest of the evening talking about the little pet her Daddy found her outside. She is gonna be our little animal lover, she'll save all the animals.

Charles rocks as a husband and as a Daddy, he wiped her little tears away and said the little pet needed to go find his Mama and Daddy but that he made his home in our yard so that makes us all very special! She named him Henry the Hedge Hog.


Katy Lin :) said...

how fun! what a rocking awesome hubby you have! enjoy a beautiful weekend in your fresh yard! :)

The Brown's said...

your husband does rock! What a fun little friend you found in your yard! That my kind of pet:O)

Karen said...

O my goodness, Aleia is so precious! That was so sad, and I'm not even an animal lover!

Stacey said...

My Mom was a save every animal kind of girl when she was little like Aleia. Even though Aleia hasn't spent much time with her Memaw she does SO many things that remind me of her.

Mom said she would bring every stray cat home in hopes that her Daddy would let her keep it.

Aleia has a name for every bee, ant and snail in our yard.:-)