Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Aleia's little friends

Chicka Obuh (right) and Sara Krauss (left) are Aleia's two great little friends. Chicka is one year younger then Aleia but is almost as tall as she is, as soon as Aleia grows out of something we pass it along to Chicka so she can benefit from wearing it until Brienna grows into it. Chicka speaks 3 languages and is an amazing little person.

We only get to see Sara every three month, she lives in Germany. Sara is only 2 weeks younger then Aleia and they both love it when we make time for them to get together, Sara has a brother named Bryan who actually Aleia is more interested in :-) Sara speaks German and finds a way to make herself understood by Aleia, she is such a fun little girl.

Aleia has another great little friend in her Pre-K class, her name is also Sara. They eat, play and communicate in their own little way. Sara likewise only speaks German, but they seem to be the very best friends ever.

So happy Aleia has found such great friends here in Austria and Germany. It is very important to us that she make friends and feels a connection with other children in the church and the community. She has already invited several of her class mates to church and is excited about them coming.

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The Brown's said...

what cute little kids. It makes my heart hapy to see kids playing and showing us how to put down our defences and just be friends:)

thanks for praying for the rosenlofs. It means an awful lot to me and her.