Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Stand to be corrected

It was brought to my attention that our blue fish is named Holly not Lily:-) Lily was the last fish we had that we had to send down to his family in the big world below us cause he needed a fish doctor to help him get better.

Holly is the blue fish, I'd been calling that silly little fish Lily for months, I stand to be corrected.

H.O.T (Holly, Oscar and Tax) our 3 little fish.

Monday Charles and I were treated to a fabulous 5 course meal by a sweet dear saint in the church who works at the Arc Hotel. The meal and setting of the 2 days were just what we needed. Even though we were in Vienna just having a sitter for our girls and being out of our house was a good enough get away for me.

We were able to go to the SiSi museum, enjoy a good lunch, do some shopping and relax. It was a timely get away, a much needed one.

Thank you to Sis. Debbie and the Capule Family for making it possible to have such a great time.


The Brown's said...

hahahahah thats funny about the fish!!:)

Glad you got to get away. I truly believe that even just a few hours can refresh a mommy. We ALL need that time to make us better at our jobs!

Kendra Lynn said...

Getaway time is essential! Glad you had a little "date". :) Love you much.