Monday, February 22, 2010

Finding more time

Lately I have been working on finding more time to pray, study, organize, read to my girls, practice the ABC's with Allie, be more patient and feed my family healthier choices.

As "women", (mothers and wives) we spend an incredible amount of time preparing grocery list, organizing meals for the week, grocery shopping, putting the groceries away, washing and cutting what needs to be put in baggies, preparing the meal, feeding it to our family and then cleaning up after the mess. Then the whole process begins again.

I have found an easy way to eliminate some of the stress, save more time and feed my family quicker and more healthy.

Monday's are my day of madness. I plan our meals, make the list, shop for the food, bring it home, pre- wash, pre- cut and organize 3 solid meals and 3 left over meals for my family to eat for lunch and dinner. Most Mondays are revolved around food and the kitchen.

Since I have found this system that works for my family, it has saved an enormous amount of time and money throughout the week.

Monday's are busy but the prep time for the week sure does make more time for the things that are just as important to keeping my family happy.

By preparing our meals in advance, it makes meal time so much easier and faster. When my girls say they are hungry it only takes 5 minutes to make a very delicious healthy plate to set before them and it taste as if I slaved over the stove for hours. This also is helpful for Charles when he comes in from a late night of work and is starving, he has a meal already prepared for him, he just has to eat it up.

This system not only enables me more time but it helps that I don't have to offer my family a Peanut butter sandwich, chips or any other unhealthy choice. Don't get me wrong we do eat these things occasionally but when I've taken the time to prepare properly it eliminates feeding my family what I call "empty fuel food"

What easy tips do you have in finding more time for yourself, your family, God and others?


Karen said...

Hey! Served on a wholesome bread, peanut butter sandwiches are a very healthy food!
Kudos to you for improving your food and meals schedule. Anything to make our lives more sane and streamlined!

Kendra Lynn said...

I do much of the same, Stace. I buy a lot of fruit on Monday or Tuesday and put it into small containers so Scott and the girls have a ready bite of food when they need it. I buy several meals worth of meat and veggies and plan ahead which nights I am able to do a homemade meal. It does save a LOT of time. I also try to do the laundry and put away clothes while Scott and the girls are gone for the day, that way when they come home, I don't have as many chores to complete. Still trying to organize .. .that is hard for me...but I'm coming along alright.
Love you.