Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snow, Snow, go away!

This is our third winter in Vienna and the snow keeps falling. Just when you think it's almost gone and cleaned up, we get hit with another big snow fall.

The girls of course are loving it. Aleia could play in the snow all day and all night. She even had a little party out in the snow with all her little children as she calls them. (Barbies and figurines)

Snow, Snow go away come again another day, and make sure it's a day when we aren't in town;-)

Being from Michigan you would think the snow wouldn't bother me but it is so different there then it is here.

In Michigan, it can snow and by the next hour the roads, side walks, and paths are completely clear.....AND the sun shines!

When you hear Austria you might think lots of snow, but normally not in Vienna. The snow will lightly fall and it's gone. So they aren't real preparred it seems for this much snow and everyday. It's a mess, and pretty dangerous at times.

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