Monday, May 23, 2011

Day one-Week of Aleia's 6th Birthday

Aleia had one Birthday after another. She wanted a friend party this year with all 24 students in her Kindergarten class, but that just didn't work out this year so we promised her we would make it a week she would never forget and that seemed to be just perfect for her.

Her number one request was that Daddy be with her all week!

The morning she woke up, she requested Birthday Breakfast...we had Pancakes! Yummy. She decided she would be sophisticated and use a knife and a fork to eat with, just like Daddy does. She was successful for the first 3 cuts but then decided she just wanted me to cut it up, because it was easier.

She got dressed all by herself, I did her hair just like she wanted and we put the Birthday badge on her and we were out the door, for an adventure of a life time.

Day one consisted of:
1. Birthday Breakfast
2. Ice cream at the mall
3. A small Rapunzel Party with presents and a chocolate cream cake with strawberries
4. Circus with the whole family

Aleia had the time of her life today, can't wait to see what tomorrow holds.

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