Tuesday, May 11, 2010

True Sweetness......

Chocolate, Apple pie, suckers, ice cream, cotton candy, frosting, donuts, cookies and sugar are all sweet but this is what true sweetness is..........two sisters who love each other and will forever.

Yes they fight, they push and they pull but they love, kiss, hug, stand by each other, defend one another, share, and miss the other when one is gone and that folks is what true sweetness is all about.

Chocolate, sugar and cookies might satisfy your sweet tooth but the sweetness between the love of two sister goes beyond anything you can imagine.

I'm so thankful I have two girls that love each other and are best friends. Often they remind me of my Sister and I......and that is always a good memory.....Love you Bran!


Kendra Lynn said...

Awww...how cute is that? I miss my sissy. :(

Love you.

The Brown's said...

well that is one the the sweetest things I have ever seen:)

richard said...

yes, this two sweet girls are really sweeter than any sweet candy! heidi and i we love both.
tey are very cute girlies. sis. robinette kiss both from us.