Friday, January 14, 2011

When I turn 6....

As Aleia and I are walking up to her school today, she grabs my hand and says "Mom when I turn 6 I'm gonna do my own hair" and "when I turn 18 I'll make my own bed" and "when I'm 28 I'll watch Brie-Brie so you and Daddy can go on a vacation and if you don't want me to watch her well then I'll just go on vacation"........ I'm loving her logic here.

I tell her she doesn't have to worry about those things right now, that she is suppose to just play, have fun and be a 5 year old. She tells me "Mom, I know but I think I look like I'm 6 so I could start doing things that 6 year olds do"

As much as I don't want her to grow up I do hope that when she is 18 she'll be making her own bed, but until she does I'll continue to help her make it in hopes that by my example and training she'll pick up on it all sooner or later.

Lately she's been saying the cutest things. She is tons of fun and my little best friend.

Enjoying the moments we have while she is still 5

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