Saturday, February 7, 2009

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to my adorable little niece who is full of life and who brings life everywhere she goes. Hadassah Elise turned 3 today. She is full of spunk and has a personality that has taken her parents by surprise. There is never a dull moment when in the presence of "Dassah" as Aleia calls her.

You hear it so often that time flies so quickly, but seriously it seems like just a year ago that she was born, but as I dressed the baby today I was reminded of the day Hadassah was born because I dressed Brienna in the same outfit Aleia wore when we went to see Hadassah for the first time. I know you all say "how can she remember what her 3 1/2 year old wore 3 years ago, when you can't even remember what you wore yesterday", YES!!! it's true I have a vivid memory, it's like my mind takes pictures and stores them in some data base until the time comes that I need it again.

The girls and I are packed and hopefully mentally prepared for the trip back to America, I thank all of you for your thoughts, e-mails, comments and sure has helped. Thanks so much.

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