Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Unexpected Departure

The girls and I must leave Vienna and head back home to Michigan unexpectedly and unfortunately.

My Mom as many of you know has sensory neuropathy. A genetic degenerating illness. I knew that this day would come upon me but I was hoping not so soon. My Mom just celebrated her 50th Birthday, so she is still young. Sad to say she has progressed in the illness and must have more care.

Grandma was her means of transportation and unexpectedly, my Grandma who is 81 was admitted to the hospital with a severe infection in her leg due to her diabetes and must be on an IV (antibiotic) for 6 weeks. They wanted to admit her to a nursing home but instead my dear Aunt Karen came to pick her up and take her to Arkansas where she can have better care.

The decision was hard but we have all decided to move Mom, Grandma and Uncle Todd to Arkansas where they can be close to Aunt Karen and live in a safer environment with a better system of care.

So Aleia, Brienna and I will be traveling home on February 9th to pack both homes, hopefully find renters for both homes, transfer medical records, do changes of address and do many other things that involve moving 3 people to a different state. We have found a beautiful home for them to rent and we all feel that they will be happy, safe and well taken care of.

This next month will not be easy but I know that I'll have the help and encouragement from my family and all my friends. The hardest thing will be packing the home up that I've live in since I was 9 years of age and seeing someone else live in the home I grew up in, so many memories come to my mind even now.

If anyone knows of anyone looking to rent a home for a good deal send them our way.


The Brown's said...

oh Stacy I am sorry to hear this news. I know it will be hard for you. I pray that things go well!

Karen said...

What a difficult situation!
I'll be praying for all aspects of your trip & stay here.

Kendra Lynn said...

I'm here if you need me, Stace. Let me know...I will definitely help with the girls, okay?
Love you so much...praying for your family.