Friday, March 12, 2010

Common colds....HA!

What appeared to be common colds for both girls has turned into something so much bigger.

We took Brienna to the doctor last Friday because she kept saying "ah-wa pamper" and she wouldn't eat anything, come to find out the poor little thing had strep throat and a urinary tract infection. They checked Allie and she seemed to just have the sniffles and a little cough.

Wednesday rolled around and Brienna was feeling better but Aleia then was complaining of not feeling so well, I checked her fever and it was 103, due to her history of spiking febrile seizures we don't mess around when it comes to her fevers. I personally go into instant Mama panic mode.

Took Allie to the doctor today and she has her first ear infection, due to all the drainage from from sinuses.

The doctor gave us a nose spray for her and I had to convince this sweet little 4 year old that spraying solution up her nose was going to make things all better, at this point she thinks I'm crazy, and tells me this is the worse day of her life:-) I get the spray to go in her nose and she then tells me "Don't do that again mama, ur just trying to make me nervous".

It was hard enough getting the drops in her ears, I don't think I'll attempt the nose spray again unless her Daddy is around. She want's to be a diver so badly, just like her Daddy so I told her that her Daddy some times has to put things up his nose before he goes diving and she said "well I never want to dibe (dive) then.

Brienna seems to be over the worse, she isn't complaining about her "ah-wa pamper" and she's eating a little better.

Sure makes you appreciate when they are well......the only fresh air I've had since last Friday has been back and forth to the doctors and the pharmacy, and you have to know it is not an easy thing for me over here......the language barrier always frustrates me and truly gets me out of my comfort zone.


Kendra Lynn said...

Oh dear...praying for you guys...must be truly frustrating. I love you.


Danielle said...

Hey...sounds like it worked out for you guys too with us not being able to visit. Funny thing though....Kortney went to Dr last Fri too...she also had strep throat this week...LOL! Too funny!

Karen said...

Poor, poor babies!
Hope they're back to normal soon!

The Brown's said...

hope everyone is feeling better:)