Saturday, March 6, 2010


It was so wonderful to go back 15 years later to the place where our ministry began. In 1994 surprisingly Charles joined the military out of Bible College (IBC) and received orders to Ramstein, Germany. Where Rev. Arlie Enis was the Missionary at that time to the Military Ministries.

Who would have ever known the path the Lord was taking us on would come full circle.

Jaime Manson and Danielle Hollinger. Two ladies I've had the privileged in knowing through the journey God has lead my husband and I down. So awesome to reconnect with the two of them and reminisce about great memories we made together. It was like we never missed a beat.

Courtnee Hollinger.....I babysat her when she was just a baby. Now look at how much she's grown, so talented, doing great in school and working for the church in an area she can.

My heart was full of joy to see Bethel, and to show Aleia and Brienna where their Mama and Daddy first began the journey we are now on.......Missionaries to Europe!


Danielle said...

AAwwww....feel so special to be mentioned in your blog!!! It was great seeing you. And excited to see you again!!!

Kendra Lynn said...

That's so cool! What great memories.