Tuesday, October 19, 2010

...love for onions

I love onions and garlic. As a teenager, I remember any time I would walk into the house my Mom would say "Yuck" you smell like you've been eating garlic. You see she didn't really enjoy garlic and doesn't like onions at all, so of course she didn't have an appreciation for the great flavor both of these things give.

I still love the taste of things that have a pinch of garlic in them and at any chance, that is when my husband is not around I order my Cheeseburger with onions.

It's pretty funny how both of my children have completely different likes for foods.

*Aleia likes more bland and simple foods...but everything must be dipped in Ketchup, and I mean everything.

*Brienna likes stinky, sour and spicy foods...and she doesn't like to dip her food into anything. She also loves coffee, she calls it "Faffy"

Aleia doesn't like Cheese or Carrots but loves Broccoli and Yogurt.
Brienna doesn't like Gummy bears but loves hard candy.

They both love Rice, cereal and Pop corn :-) at least three things they agree to eat the same of. Just recently Brienna has been enjoying spaghetti, so that makes one more thing they both enjoy eating together.

I was thinking back wondering if my Sister and I were the same way. I do remember her liking the more healthy bland foods and me enjoying more spice and saucy things. It's funny how raising my girls is bringing so many memories of me, my Mom and my Sister all back so fresh to the surface of my memory.

There are times that my strength and patience are gone but then a little remembrance of how my Mom made it and how she raised us seems to give me the courage and strength that is beyond explanation....I do know that other peoples life experiences are another persons greatest lessons to follow (how to or how not too) and I'm so thankful for the courage and strength my Mom taught me through her life experiences...Even if she didn't like onions or garlic she sure was an amazing Mom to a challenge like me.


Kendra Lynn said...

My girls don't like anything "American". LOL...they LOVE ethnic foods! Especially Middle Eastern foods. It fun to feed them, as you can imagine. :)

I love you.

The Brown's said...

hahaha..it is funny to see how different each kid is. We have LOTS of food issues with 4 kids. I think there is 2 or 3 meals that I make that they all actually like but usually someone is bawling:) awe...the life of a mother:)