Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Something is wrong with this picture.....

On my way to pick Aleia up from school I saw a few disturbing things that make me want to put her in a box forever, but as we all know we must allow our children to fly and pray that we have taught them the right direction to go.

A 12 year old boy offers a cigarette to a 9 year old boy, he takes it, inhales and then passes it to his other friend not more then 7 or 8 years of age....as the 12 year old flips the car behind me off he then inhales from the same shared cigarette, what I describe as a community smoke!......then on the other side of me a 15 year old boy is walking down the side walk and takes a piece of gum out of his mouth and makes sure that it is properly dispensed into the trash bin.....there is something wrong with this picture.

How can it be that we get more upset if someone litters or we correct a young person if they throw trash on the ground but we pass by and don't say a thing to those that are polluting their bodies or disrespecting someone or even them own selves.

Something is wrong with this picture!

It blows my mind what we over look and what we actually pay to much attention to. I go to a local park in the neighborhood and a lady informs me that I'm not welcomed because I'm not apart of the community or someone gives me a hard time for still having my winter tires on in the Summer yet they all just walk right past a 7-12 year old smoking a cigarette....something is wrong with this picture.

What matters to one seems to be trivial to the next...what matters to me the most is that I raise my girls to be leaders and not followers....how about you?

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