Sunday, September 5, 2010

My 2yr Blogoversary

It's hard to believe that today marks my blogoversary.....2 years since I started writing about our Families Journey.

Brienna was almost 4 months and I realized that I didn't have the same time I had before to send letters, write out numerous Birthday cards, and be as organized in the sentimental department as I would like.

I have always been big on recording Birthdays, anniversary's and reminiscing about the past through pictures and through the many hand written journals I have done in the last 17 years....but as time seems to not be my friend these days I find that I am content with my blog as it has filled many pages and covered 2 wonderful years of our families journey.

Hopeing that you all have enjoyed the journey along with us and that you will continue to walk with us as I blog about the many wonderful mile stones, challenges, obstacles, joy's, victories and just plain life experiences.

As I look back on the last two years of my blog I realize how much joy it has brought me; I have met many friends and been able to be encouraged by the life experiences of others and hopeing that I as well have left a line or two or even a picture that has a brightened someones day.

Many people have a grand prize give away on there blogoversary....... my gift to you is that I'm still here and gonna stay here to record the empty pages with the many memories we still have to make and get to climb as a family together.

Hope you enjoy our Families Journey!

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