Friday, September 3, 2010

My husband Rocks-Friday

So amazing the love two can have for one another, the simple things in life that make one happy is fulfilled just by the love of that one special person.

Just a few days ago, we celebrated our 16th year wedding anniversary and as you've heard many say, "wow where did the time go"....I feel that way but only in the perspective that I want it to slow down because I want more memories and more time with the one I love. It seems we get so busy, other things take priority, children fill up space, work and ministry seem to take over.

Making time for the one you is truly our responsibility to make sure that the one we love stays priority over all else that matters. husband rocks because even in the business of life, he still finds time to make arrangements such as being in one of my favorite places in the world on our anniversary and having the whole day to ourselves, to reminisce of our days spent there, eat great food, enjoy each others smile and take lots of picture to always make sure we remember such a special and beautiful day.

He knew how happy it made me to be there and by me being happy it made him so happy as well and that is true love......and one of the many great reasons MHR's (my husband rocks)

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The Brown's said...

happy anniversary you two!!! Glad you got to get away for a little time together:)