Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Our street car...

This is a street of the many options we have for public transportation. I really enjoy the new street car that you see here but often the old one comes and I have Aleia, my bags, and the stroller with Brienna in it. The old street car has about 3 of 4 steps to get up into it and the new street car you just roll right onto it from the curb.

The color of them are very attractive, they ride nice, they are clean and have a lot of space for the stroller.

When the old one comes we either wait for the next street car, to see if it's a new one or we just walk to the next place or next stop of transportation such as the bus or U-Bahn.... our under ground transportation.

Many of you have asked if we take the public transportation here....and yes!!! We often do, we are grateful that it was an easy system to learn and that we have the option of using it. We actually have a bus stop right outside our house, which is super convenient.

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Kendra Lynn said...

that's very cool. I think its awesome the life experiences that you are giving your it!