Saturday, September 4, 2010

Don't want to grow up

Charles came home last night and Aleia was still awake...waiting for her Daddy to get home from work-church. He tucked her in and she whispered in his ear "I don't want to grow up". Of course the conversation goes as you would think, Charles asked her why and she said "cause if I grow up I can't sit on your lap anymore, or sit on your shoulders or play with my toys".....So Daddy I want to stay this big forever.

Aleia so small and petite....I love her little fingers and toes!

He explained to her that she would always be his baby and always be able to sit on his lap and she can play with her toys as long as she wants, not to worry about growing up or getting bigger....just to enjoy life right now.

Most kids want to get bigger, that's how you get them to eat their green veggies, but not my girls, I've tried that tactic on them....if you eat your veggies you'll grow big and strong like Mommy and Daddy.....are you kidding...they won't eat anything they think is gonna make them bigger, they both want to stay small forever!

As much as we would love for them to stay as petite and small as they are, we know the process of life is to grow, learn and leave! So until then we will hang on to all that we can until the natural process takes it's course.


Lavonda said...

This is the picture of an artist! Beautiful! The picture says more than the words....I love it!

Stacey said...

Thank you Mom....that means so much.

Love you!

Lavonda said...

You are very welcome! This is my very favorite picture!