Friday, April 16, 2010

......another year older

As many Mothers do....... I find the closer my girls get to being another year older I start reminiscing of stages that have come and gone.

With both of their Birthdays just one month away, one daughter just about the height of my rib cage and the other one just about ready to be out of diapers...I find that I'll miss when my first born couldn't tie her shoes, even though her putting them on herself makes things easier, or when she had to ask me for a word she was thinking of, or maybe even the most simple things as straping her seat belt around her little chest to be sure she was safe for the journey.

In the time I've been a Mama I've changed approximately 4,341 diapers and yet the closer our second born gets to being potty trained I find that changing one more diaper is not so bad, it means she's still that much farther away from being a big girl and not needing us as much as she does now.

I can say even though some stages have been challenging and have caused restless nights, and yes I do know there are yet some stages that we must go through that won't be so easy I'm sad that some have gone and I look forward to many more wonderful and challenging stages with my beautiful angels.

Being a Mother has brought the greatest joys, worries, challenges and victories to my life and I'm so thankful I was chosen to be the Mama for the job.

Can't wait to celebrate another year with the two most amazing little people in my life..................forever my baby girls!

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Kendra Lynn said...

Very aptly put. Its hard to see them grow older. Merry turned eight and I felt that more than any age yet...whew...she's a big girl now! You are a great mama...keep it up. :)
Love you.