Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday Madness

Mondays are to be set aside as a day off, a family day but it just so happens to be the busiest day of my week. It's a day I get organized, re-set my weekly goals and my annual resolutions, making sure that I'm staying on track with what is truly important.


Today we're crossing our fingers that the planes will be going out of Vienna so that Charles can catch his next flight from Amsterdam to Kenya then onward to Malawi.

He is looking forward to being with the wonderful team and seeing great things done in Africa. I'll post more on his trip while he is there at another time.

Until then, I'm packing his clothes, putting dishes away, doing laundry, blogging, cooking, organizing and looking forward to going to bed tonight EARLY!

Charles getting all his papers together for his trip


Kendra Lynn said...

Praying the planes start flying out again...hugs and love...don't work too hard today! :)


The Brown's said...

praying tht his plane goes out and that he has a successful, safe trip. I will be thinking of you too while he is away. Single parenting can put an otherwise sane women over the edge;)