Monday, April 26, 2010

Like Memaw

I found this picture of Aleia while we were in Michigan last year and it reminded me of my Mom....Aleia's Memaw! If any of you know my Mom she can make some serious moody faces and here's one of them:-)

The older I get the more I miss my Mom, wishing sometimes she were here with us to see our girls growing and learning how to be little ladies.

So often, I'm amazed that even though Aleia hasn't seen Memaw or spent a lot of time with her, how much she is so much like her.

As much as I hated it when my Mom would refer me to someone if I said something or did something that reminded her of someone, I find myself weekly saying to Aleia 'Ok little Robin"'re just like your Memaw and in many ways I love it, cause I feel like through Aleia I still have a little part of my Mom....Memaw with me all the time.

On a side note....have you every made an egg and it still smelt wild......if not maybe it's just the eggs here, I guess thats what hot sauce is for.

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Kendra Lynn said...

She does look like your mom in that pic! So precious, your girls...I'm leaving mine for a couple of days while I go to a Jonathan Project meeting. Merry cried when I dropped her off at school. :( Hate leaving them, but the break will be good.
Love you...look for your box...