Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Just a few things that I always have on my grocery list and in the house.

We love Mexican....so every Monday I prepare taco meat and beans to makes nachos, taco's, taco salad and chips and salsa. It always makes an easy snack and a fast meal to prepare if I'm in a hurry. Everyone loves it.

Strawberry jelly and peanut butter is a must...for the little ones and big ones :-)

Pop corn, hot dogs, yogurt and cereal.

For the Summer since we got a small gas grill I've been making grilled potatoes and onions, chicken and hot dogs. We all love to grill and it makes great fun memories to be outside with the girls.

Lately it's been so hot that we have found ourselves on the not so busy days sitting in a small tub outside full of cold water.

It seems that the Summer is fading quickly so we are trying to make the best of what time we have left.

What do you all have planned or have done this Summer?

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