Saturday, July 10, 2010

Set your fear's aside

Could it be the very thing we are afraid of and verbalize that we are fearful of doing when it is no longer there or it is taken from us is the one thing we regret not ever taking the opportunity and even long for it the more.....Fear has an ugly way of ripping what could have been from us if we allow it to.

Knowing that the fear we have now controls our situation, our decisions, our out look, our perspective and what people perceive in us as well.

Fear of the unknown is normal, being worried that you don't know enough or have enough experience to step into that responsibility is normal, feeling inadequate is normal.

The problem is when we put it into our own hands and allow the fear, the insecurity's and the unknown control the outcome of what our purpose is and was suppose to be.

Sometimes there is a set plan, a process of how things are to be, what position you are to take next, things are lined up just accordingly but fear takes control, it causes doubts, questions and eventually takes you out from underneath the umbrella of God's protection and His true will and purpose for your ministry and life.

Often our human nature gets in the way.....all ages of life compete with fear.

Our fear's are the very thing that keeps us from being so great, feeling accomplished or even being fulfilled and ever having a true sense of purpose.

The very thing you were afraid of is then taken from you, and you wish it was back, you wish the opportunity would present itself again, you wish you had never expressed that you felt inadequate. Instead you wish you would have trusted that you were strong enough to do the task at hand.

You live with a life full of regrets because you let fear take control!

It is not bad to express your feelings of doubts, fears and inadequacy! Just don't allow the verbal part of it be what sets you back and keeps you from your greatest dreams.

So often I have seen as I am offered opportunities, I'd like to decline and take the high road from the responsibilities that have been presented to me but knowing if I go beyond my fears, go beyond what I think I can accomplish and do what seemed impossible is when I see the big picture and find that I have even more strength in me then I ever knew.

Facing my fears..... Has given me boldness, it has given me experiences I may not have other wise had, going beyond my fears has given me confidence, it has taken me out of my comfort zone and prepared me for even greater things I felt I could never do or accomplish in my life.

Set your fears aside and see what you can do if you just trust and take the opportunities that are given.

Conquer your fears TODAY!

1. Go back to School
2. Teach a Bible Study
3. Except that position in ministry
4. Have a baby
5. Mentor a young person
6. Do street evangelism
7. Get a job
8. Do something in your community
9. Be consistent and faithful
10. Start something new....cake class, learn a language, go sky diving, lose weight, take up an instrument, give up an addiction.....what ever it is set your fear's aside TODAY!

You are not a failure if you try and don't succeed, you are a failure when you don't try at all!

When you don't try to overcome your fears you not only fail and disappoint yourself but ultimately your fear affects your family, your ministry, your walk with God and eventually interferes in every aspect of your life.



The Brown's said...

you are a great example of a women who has set her fears aside and put your life in the hands of God. Thanks for being such a good example to all of us:)

Stacey said...

Thank you...I still do have so much to learn for sure! You are also a great lady.