Saturday, September 6, 2008

Adriatic Sea.....

Charles loves to dive...he was excited when we needed to go to Croatia to get a stamp in our pass port because this meant one thing and one thing only, that he was getting a dive in. That is ALL we heard for 6 hours, "I'M GOING DIVING"!!! It was his first time to dive in the Adriatic Sea. He said it was clear, peaceful and so beautiful and even though he didn't see much, he still enjoyed his dive. Now he is just waiting for Aleia to get big enough so she can go diving too. That is one thing I can not make myself I will leave that hobby to him and I'll just scrapebook the memories.

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Lavonda said...

While the idea of taking Aleia diving is very scary, I still believe that girls can do anything! Maybe I'll come over and try it too! Well...a little snorkeling maybe.
Love, Mimi