Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Exploring new foods

Since Aleia started to eat real food she has always been a bit particular in what she eats and how it is arranged on her plate...she is her Daddy's girl through and through.

This morning I told her I had a surprise and I made her French toast, cut it up in little squares and let her dip it in the yummy syrup that Sis. Ritchey sent to us from the states. It was a success and I have a feeling we will be having a lot more French toast in the days to come.

Aleia's eating habits consist of:
* yogurt
* pop corn
* cereal
* bananas
* apples
* pizza
* p & j
* chicken nuggets, fries & BBQ
* noodles
* broccoli
* french toast
* drinks water (ONLY)

These are the options I am privileged in serving her on a daily basis, it gets hard at times but we are exploring new foods each day.

How do you get your children to eat a more balanced meal?

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Kendra Lynn said...

It is hard to feed kids! But she will start to like more things as she gets older. Merry and Kelsey never liked much American food...they like breakfast, HATE lunch and love supper! Their favorite foods are Lebanese, Japanese and Mexican.
No, I cannot cook ANY of those! They just in the past year or so started eating Mac N Cheese. Shocker.
Keep cooking different things, arrange them in pretty ways, and Aleia may try more.
Love you so much.
Miss you.