Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Two "N" Blue

When the mail man came to the door Aleia yelled "oh it's from my Mom in America & it's all for me. Mimi sent the girls these matching adorable dresses. I thought I'd be a Mom not to dress my girls alike but now that they are both here, I find so much fun in dressing them alike as often as I can. Aleia loves it when her baby sister matches her too. Sunday morning I dressed them in the matching blue princess dresses and Aleia said "look Mom, two "N" blue", that made me know she was proud and excited not only to be wearing the dress but also to be matching her little best friend. Thank you Mimi, we love you and miss you...Your two 'N" blue.


Karen said...

They are so sweet! I was't the matching type, either, but I think it's cute. Love the dresses!

Kendra Lynn said...

Awww....as you know, mine are always dressed alike...its so much fun! And easier!


Lavonda said...

All 8 of my girls are perfect! And these two....I can hardly wait to get my hands on them! I'm so glad the dresses fit them nicely and that Aleia doesn't mind dressing like her baby sister. You're a great Mom, sweetie...keep up the good work...see you in November.