Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Bedtime Routine

After four months we have finally found the bedtime routine that works for the girls.

Mama gets Aleia dressed in her Pj's, then while Mama gets Brienna in her night cloths Aleia goes potty, washes her hands and we brush her bugs away...then it's story and prayer time with Daddy.

He normally tells one story, they pray and then say her ABC"s, count, sing and she 99% of the time suckers him into telling one more story.

Every story has a Dinosaur named "Dino", a Butterfly named "Twinkle", a Shark named "Toothie", a Lady Bug named "Lilly", and a Frog named "Ribbit" oh and a very hungry Crocodile who's name is yet to be discovered. It is amazing how each story starts and ends...most nights I have to remind Charles that we want her to be able to sleep peacefully with no nightmares, you can imagine how a story can get pretty scary for a 3 year old with a crocodile, a dino and a shark:-)

Our Bedtime routine has already given us so many great memories, the sweetness of hearing Brienna coo and Aleia tell her Daddy about her day is just priceless. Bedtime is a process for all households but a routine sure does make it much easier.


Kendra Lynn said...

We like bedtime here, too. Usually Scott talks one or both of the girls into brushing his hair while he reads to them. They all get what they want that way! Right now I am reading the Wizard of Oz to the girls....they LOVE it!
Precious memories....how wonderful.


Kendra Lynn said...

Happy Birthday, Charles! Hope its a really nice one....hug all your girls for me!


Stacey said...

Kendra...Thank you so much for remembering Charles Birthday, that was so thoughtful of ya.

See ya soon.