Monday, August 17, 2009


Charles was suppose to leave this afternoon for his 3rd annual trip to Malawi, Africa. He is apart of what they call the "A" team. A group of men who go to this particular village and minister for 9 days. Many months of prep time goes into getting such an event organized.

Much Prayer, Fasting and Finances go into such an event to be effective.

Tragically we received a call yesterday afternoon saying that the Assistant leader of the crusade had passed away with a sudden heart attack and that the Head leader had just suffered from a stroke the night before. Such attacks!

Sad to say the crusade has been canceled and Charles will not be leaving today to be apart of an event he prepares and looks forward to every year. He is most happy when he is able to be apart of a life being changed forever.

As Charles was preaching yesterday, it was the best I believe I've ever heard him preach, he was ministering to the whole body on " A season of sacrifice". As he was preaching I had this overwhelming urge to pray for him, I felt that it would be the last time I would see him. Would this be my season of sacrifice, as tears of the unknowing begin to swell in my eyes, not wanting to give my husband up yet, but willing if that is what the Lord wanted, I began to pray and ask God what ever was done that he keep His protecting hand upon my husband in everything he did in Malawi and bring him home safely.

After service we got the call the crusade was canceled, I told my husband what I felt in service and he said he felt that it would be the last time he'd preach in the pulpit also.

I do know that all things are in the Lords control, I thank Him for His loving hand of protection and keeping our men and team safe from harm.

Please remember Malawi, the village of people who this has affected and the men on the "A" team. Let this not be a set back for the word and truth to be spread into this village of desperate people.

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