Friday, August 14, 2009

MHR's Friday

Last Sunday marked a very special day for me, I turned 33. I told myself like I do every year, it's just another day, don't get all crazy emotional, homesick and sentimental. That mind set has been working for me for the last few years.

My Mom would make such a big deal out of every special day, we would come home on St. Patrick's day and have a basket full of goodies, Valentines Day, Easter, Christmas and of course our Birthdays. She continued to feel that she had to over do the giving for the lack of us having a Father in the home. She raised my sister and I the best she knew how and in doing so she made us feel so special on each Holiday which causes our expectations to be pretty high:-) I always tell Charles "it's my Mothers fault" but really I wouldn't trade the memories for the world and I plan to do the same for our girls (lol)

This particular Birthday Charles was in America for a dear friend and mentors funeral. My immidiate family are facing a lot of obstacles and are all scattered in different states. I knew I wouldn't see Charles, I wouldn't hear from my Mom, most likely my Dad would call while I was in church because of the time change, and Brandy my sister doesn't have a means of calling me. I woke up and prayed that God would not let me be petty, that I would be content in what I had and consider it a wonderful day because I had breath in my lungs, food on my table, a beautiful home to live in, a loving husband, healthy beautiful girls, and a loving church family, I'd say that should be enough:-)

That is just what I did and the day was going so great. As church begin that morning, there was nothing out of the ordinary which I was thankful for. The worship service was over and Sis. Suppan our Assistant Pastors wife got up and called me to the front, she said a few nice things and then presented me with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers and a nice card with a gift certificate in it to a very nice store here in Vienna called Mango. I was so thankful for the nice presentation.....but she said there was more after church. At that time my mind began to run crazy, was Charles here to surprise me, were we going to do a conference call with him, was Heather coming here, after church were they taking me to the airport to fly to an unknown island full of fresh fruit and exotic flowers.....what was it, what could be more, what did they plan? My stomach was in knots and my mind was in full expectation of what lie ahead.

After service I entered into the Board room to find an elegant display of cakes, coffee, tea and red rosses everywhere, it smelled like a botanical garden when I entered. I was overwhelmed with joy and my heart was full of appreciation to everyone for making this day such a special day for me.

They had a slide presentation of different things I had been involved in this last year along with a few gifts for me to open. As I began to open Charles gift everyone was so excited. It was a photo album with a typed letter in it from him......I will post it in my next MHR's Post. At the end he said I hope this day meets up to all your expectations....and I said well I really thought Heather was going to jump out of a closet or a cake. At the moment I opened the photo album and there was a picture of Heather by a airplane and it said at 8 p.m she will arrive. (WHEN) today? Tomorrow? next week? Charles had this album made, it told the story leading up to the day of our Anniversary surprise...... Charles leaves on August 17th for Africa, Heather arrives on the 21st, to spend a few days with us, the 22nd we go to the orchestra, August 25th I meet Charles at the airport for our 15 year anniversary get away to Greece while Heather watches our girls.

Did it meet up to the best Birthday ever.......EVEN BETTER! My husband rocks, he always makes up for the difference, he might have to be gone a lot, travel here and there but he always makes it up, he is so thoughtful and romantic and really does care about the small things that please me and make me happy. I will cherish the story book he had made, it was a very special Birthday. Honey you rock!


Aunt KAren said...

I loved seeing the beautiful memories of your Mom. She loves you and is is very proud of you.

Love Aunt Karen

Kendra Lynn said...

I told Heather that I am totally jealous that she is coming out to see you! Man! I miss you! Glad you had such a wonderful you so so much.


The Brown's said...

oh my gosh!!! How awesome is that??? Your husband does rock! I am glad that you had a good birthday:O)