Friday, April 10, 2009

Baby look alike answer

Long awaited answer for Guess who?

#1 and #4 baby is Brienna Grace better known as "Boo Bear"

#2 and #3 baby is Aleia Calais better known as "Allie Cat"

Most of you were right on Aleia being #3 but it was only a lucky guess because I used the same car seat for both babies:-)lol!

They looked so much a like until Brienna was 8 weeks, then she started to get her own distinct look and as you see now they both are completely contrasting of one another.

Although when Brienna is sleeping she looks just like Aleia did at this age.

We actually just had to have a little set down with Aleia to explain that it was a good thing they are so different, that God made them both very unique and they are both super special in their own ways and that Mama and Daddy love them both so VERY much.

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Kendra Lynn said...

So I was only partially right...oh well...they are both adorable little girls and blessed to have such a great family!