Saturday, April 25, 2009

Late Night Blues

It has been 16 long days and nights without Charles here. Don't get me wrong a little time away makes the heart grow fond but 16 days of planning a major conference without him here has definitely made me appreciate things about him that I feel I took for granted....and I'm ready for him to come home and pick up where he left.

After I put the girls to bed which is a long drawn out process first of convincing Aleia that the Sun went to sleep so now it is her turn to go to sleep and when the Sun wakes up then she can get up. Then there is PJ time, go potty, wash the hands, brush the teeth, tell a story, say our prayers and ABC'S, oh yeah and a small drink since she's always so Fursty (thirsty) before bed. Luckily the baby just needs changed and fed then tucked in....after the whole process you would think I would take a shower and go to bed, but no I find myself with late night blues, missing Charles, missing America, missing my family and friends. I go all day I guess with the noise and business then when it is quite I no longer have that to distract me.

I find the friendships that I have made through my blog have been such a lift to my spirit and encouragement to me. When I am feeling the late night blues I tend to come down stairs and check my blog....thanks to all of you I find that when I am lonely a little story of yours help me feel less isolated and blue.


Kendra Lynn said...

I miss you, too, Stacey. I am sorry you are lonely...I really understand how that feels.
I will say a special prayer for you tonight...know that you are very loved, and one of my bestest friends. :)


Brown's said...

oh Stacy I am so sorry! I know how that feels to be so lonely it hurts. I bet Charles is just as sad without you too. Your so good to plug away getting things done. you will be blessed for your efforts:O) I feel blessed that you and I have become friends through the blogging world. I appreciate your humor and love getting little insights to your family.