Monday, April 6, 2009


My Aunt Karen and Uncle Robert recently Adopted Whitney Olivia Wilson, (WOW)!

She has already proven to be such a blessing to the family and has brought such joy to my Mom during this transition and adjustment of being away from her own Grand-babies in Michigan.

Whitney was in foster care and was treated like nothing more then a crumb on the floor.

When my Aunt and Uncle heard that there was a little girl available to be adopted they instantly put in for her. They are both in there 50's but have always longed for a baby of their own and this door just simply opened for them. They were told that she had extreme disability's but that did not matter to them. They never even saw a picture of her before applying to adopt her.

During the adoption process the foster parents changed their minds and actually wanted to adopt her themselves which to me for the government to have allowed this or even considered letting them have her was ridiculous. As we all began to pray the doors opened even the more for my Aunt and Uncle.

After a long process they are finally the proud parents of Whitney Olivia Wilson,(WOW)! The doctors say she has improved by leaps and bounds since she has been with them and they can't wait for more improvements on Whitney's weight gain, walking, eye site and hearing. She can now take baby steps, pull herself up, does many words in sign language and has already proven that she is not totally deaf. She is a miracle and has brought so much joy, life and personality into our family. She is a perfect match for my MOM....full of spunk:-) & not to mention so cute.


Brown's said...

what a tender sweet story! I am glad that they get to be a family:O)

Kendra Lynn said...

I'm so happy for your Aunt Karen! That is awesome. :) She sure is cute!
I am sure that she will continue to make great strides forward in a loving environment.

And you are right, she will do wonders for your mom...that is so great that your family is all together.