Thursday, April 23, 2009

Cuz Mom!

I think the appalling response to Aleia's "BUT MAMA" fixed the problem but now she has figured another way of trying my patients and that is "CUZ MOM", she just decided well if "BUT" is not longer acceptable then "CUZ" sounds like a pretty nice alternative.....very smart little girl:-)

Update on Charles-Philippines
1. Arrived safely
2. Ate Pig Brains/Intestines
3. Sleeping in a tent
4. 103 degrees @ 7 p.m
5. Finally showered/shaved after 4 days
6. Has not had to pay for anything (Hallelujah)
7. Ate his first delicious meal on Wednesday night
8. Dove with over 30 sharks (CRAZY MAN)
9. Awesome crusade service last night
10. He can't wait to come home

We miss him and can't wait until he arrives safely home on Sunday. Please continue to pray for his safety and health....Thank you all!


Karen said...
Pig brains and swimming with sharks?
How do you not have an ulcer??? :)

What a smart girl, indeed! Mine is showing the beginnings of that line of reasoning as well. I'll have to remember your solution to the "but mom" problem. ;)

Brown's said...

What a smart girl! She really is super cute and I love seeing little tidbits of her personality.

Sharks and pig brains??? WOW what an experience! I am glad to hear that he will be home Sunday. I bet you miss him like crazy!

Kendra Lynn said...

Wow...Charles is quite the adventurer. He and Scott would have a blast going someplace together. LOL
You and I would have more fun shopping or chatting, I think.