Thursday, April 16, 2009

Taking Baby Steps

Brienna's newest discovery is that she can climb the steps in our home. Thankfully she has only tried to take Baby Steps, one at a time. I am sure she is right around the corner to figuring that she can climb more then that, when she does I am sure my hands will be full.
Brie Brie loves to clap and smile at everything, her newest word is "Down" and "A-e-ya" for Aleia, it is so cute, she will crawl as fast as she can through the house saying "A-e-ya, A-e-ya"....Just look at those thighs.
She is a joy and is learning so much. She loves little pieces of Chicken, bread, and banana. The most challenging thing about her right now is that she pulls every one's hair and still does not sleep through the night. It is adorable when I say "do you want to go night-night" she will shake her head no and do the sign for it also:-) She does not like to SLEEP!, I think she is afraid she will miss something....Yep, we've got a social bug on our hands:-)

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Brown's said...

oh I am sorry! We started stairs and wow am I forever chasing that kid! Hopefully she will never find out that she can go all the way up:) good Luck