Friday, April 17, 2009

Priceless time with Daddy

If we were to have a boy, I'm not sure he would look as much like his Daddy as this little girl does, she really needs a bow on that head at all time:-)
Monday Charles got home from Spain, he was very tired so the girls and I let him rest most of the day.

Tuesday morning we had a busy day of shopping for Charles trip to the Philippines, picking up dry cleaning, getting the car clean, Packing, and last but not least we in- rolled Aleia for Pre-School.

Charles left early Wednesday morning for the Philippines, he arrived in Taiwan for his 36 hour lay over and should be in the Philippines by Saturday Evening.

He was able to enjoy a delicious steak at Out Back Steak house...that little stinker:-) We were able to see him and talk to him on Skype last night and the girls loved it.

Please be in prayer for Charles during this crusade, for his safety, health and for the Lord to move mighty in the services.


Brown's said...

We will totally pray for him! I am sorry you are without him again. You and the girls must miss him like crazy.

LOVE the picture. SOOOO cute:)

Kendra Lynn said...

I will be praying for you all. You are right, Brienna looks SO much like him! Kelsey and Scott were like that, fact, Kelsey was frequently called "Scottina" (much to my dismay) by some of our church members!
Hairbows DO help...if you can keep them on the kiddo's head!

Love you.